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Children to Love International is headquartered in Bakersfield, California. CTL has a staff that works daily and diligently to keep the ministry of CTL running smoothly and effectively. 

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John loves being at CTL because it’s a ministerial, entrepreneurial activity that allows him the ability to examine new ideas and ways of doing things. There are new opportunities around every corner, but it’s kingdom-driven and Spirit-led. It’s about the kids, and that’s something that John loves... read more here

Victor has had the privilege of watching CTL grow over the last 30+ years and loves being a part of the ministry because of the impact that it’s had on his life. He has had many different roles at CTL, from an orphan living in a government-run institution, to a volunteer, an intern, a staff member in Romania, a Board Member in the U.S. and now a full-time staff member in the Bakersfield office... read more here

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The highlight of Julie’s time at CTL was traveling to Romania and Ukraine to spend time with the staff and children in 2023. Meeting them in person reignited her passion for what she does and how she’s able to contribute to the ministries... read more here

Exactly 10 years after going on her first trip with Children to Love to the children's home in India, Eliza is happy to be on staff with an organization that shares the same passion she has for seeing God's love shown to the forgotten and marginalized. Eliza has a background in photography and journalism... read more here. 

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Linda loves working for CTL for so many reasons. She says that most people in her generation are looking for work they feel is meaningful, work they feel makes a difference beyond providing them with a salary, and she has the privilege of having that kind of more here.

Before coming on board at CTL, Cheryl has participated through her church on several short-term mission trips. One of those trips was the 2019 CTL St. John’s Lutheran team to Ukraine. She says that her experience was profound and further defined what she wanted her future to look like... read more here.

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Liah is passionate about the work that she does for child sponsorship at CTL because she loves connecting sponsors to the children – connecting people from two different worlds – especially when they have the opportunity to communicate with each other. Liah was also a sponsored child when she was young, so she knows firsthand how life-changing it is... read more here

Kelly says that working for CTL is simply answering a call. He loves the premise of the organization, to come alongside others already working to be God’s change agents in their own cultures. He finds that learning about how our partners think is a fascinating and rewarding work... read more here.

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