Last year we launched our first ever Gift of Giving campaign. We wanted to give the kids a little extra Christmas... a present for them and the means for them to give a present to someone else. As simple as that. We raised over $7,000 and many lives were touched and changed... let's do more this year!


Often times the children involved in the ministries of CTL are waiting to receive from others because that’s all they’ve ever known. They’re helpless to meet their own needs or the needs of their families. Most of us believe and have experienced that it’s far greater to give than to receive, yet many of these kids have never had a framework of what it means to give.


We saw that Gift of Giving added value and dignity to the children’s lives, empowering them to use some of what they’ve been given to bless others. But it also allowed them to experience the joy, meaning and blessing of giving, planting a seed that we pray sows much in their lives as they learn to give back to each other and their communities.


This year we're going a step above and beyond Christmas presents. This Christmas, the children will not only give gifts but will engage in various service projects, using their talents and abilities to serve families, friends or others in need in their communities. 


Help us give them the Gift of Giving.

The kids in Ukraine shopping for Christmas gifts for friends and family during Gift of Giving 2019