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According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, 3.6 million (one fifth) of those under the age of 18 in Kenya are orphaned or vulnerable and 1.1 million of those have been orphaned as a result of HIV. Over 38% of Kenyans live in poverty and following the pandemic, those living in poverty in Kenya increased by 20%. Many families cannot afford to send their children to school due to financial constraints, resulting in a significant number of young people being deprived of basic education. The lack of education perpetuates the cycle of poverty, as individuals without the necessary skills and knowledge struggle to find stable employment opportunities. The impact of poverty is also evident in the housing conditions experienced by vulnerable communities in Kenya. Slums and informal settlements are common in urban areas, where individuals live in makeshift shelters with little to no access to basic amenities. Unsanitary living conditions in these areas increase health risks and disease vulnerability.

At the start of 2024, CTL formalized our partnership with LifeWay Children’s Centre in Kisii, Kenya. 121 orphaned or abandoned children live at LifeWay Children’s Centre and an additional 30 children living in very poor families are also served by the ministry. 


Pastor Befon Asiago is the Director of LifeWay Children’s Centre along with about 10 staff members. In 2020, Befon received a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, and began as the Director of the ministry the same year. Befon also works closely with the local government to advise on matters affecting children.


Befon pastors LifeWay Christian Church alongside elders. There are about 80 adults who attend on a weekly basis and many children. LifeWay Church has also planted eight churches and three small home churches in other communities in the surrounding area. There are a combined 1,250 people who attend these churches. LifeWay also serves others in their community, caring for widows, visiting the sick and praying with them. They help needy families by building houses and providing clothing and other basic necessities when funds allow. 


In 2023, Befon nearly had to close the children's home because they could not afford to care for the children, who at this point were literally starving. By the grace of God and the help of a U.S. church partner and CTL, LifeWay is now able to provide the children with two nutritious meals a day (two meals a day is typical in Kenya), safe housing, education and the love of Jesus. 

The children primarily attend local schools, but some are in boarding schools in sub-county, county and national schools. Befon's vision for LifeWay is to extend the land to be able to build a medical clinic as well as a small school for the young children who currently walk a distance to get to school.

LifeWay Children's Centre in Kisii, Kenya is home to 121 orphaned or abandoned children and cares for an additional 30 children living in very poor families in LifeWay's community.

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