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In 2017, Children to Love partnered with Future for Children, a government-approved child and family rehabilitation center based in Lviv, Ukraine. Future for Children’s focus is on the family unit and the prevention of social orphanhood, a term given to describe children who have living parents or guardians but do not receive proper care for various reasons. At times, the family environment is unstable and unsafe for these children and they are sent to government institutions, which continues the deprivation of a family environment. Future for Children offers services such as professional counseling, spiritual counsel and training, parenting trainings and educational programs for children to strengthen families and provide for basic needs including food, healthcare and education.

Future for Children is overseen by Director Irina Pisarenko. Irina has a long history of working with children starting in 1998 and is also engaged with Lviv's Child Protective Services on behalf of Future for Children. This government agency created a network of local nonprofits to serve children. This network advises the Child Protective Services on proposals and projects and recommends any corrections on issues affecting children. 

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