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Our fourth annual Gift of Giving

Jeremiah (top right) is a boy with special needs who lives at Mercy Childcare Ministry's Mercy Village in Uganda and was able to participate in Gift of Giving this year! He is deaf and mute, but his personality and sweet spirit touches everyone he comes in contact with. Jeremiah almost always has a smile on his face! He rarely leaves the village and the Mercy staff shared that this experience with him was "stunning" as he gave a Christmas meal to others. Many people in the community enjoyed his company during Gift of Giving.

Mercy Childcare Ministry also gifted water purifiers to community members (pictured above). These were the highlight for most of the families that received them because clean water is not often accessible and many suffer from various diseases as a result.

Take a couple minutes and enjoy this highlight video of our FOURTH annual Gift of Giving. A big THANK YOU to each one of you who helped make this happen!

Our fourth annual Gift of Giving was amazing!

Despite the turbulence and instability that much of the last year held for our partners and much of the world, God is still at work in the day-to-day, bringing hope and healing to children and so many others. Through Gift of Giving our partners have added value and dignity to the children’s lives, empowering them to use some of what they’ve been given to bless others. Over the last 4 years it has allowed them to experience the joy, meaning and blessing of giving, planting seeds that we know will sow much in their lives as they learn to give back to each other and their communities.

  • Over 8,000 children and others in India were blessed through Gift of Giving 2022 outreaches.

  • CTL Romania just began a relationship with a group in an impoverished community outside of Bucharest and it was a privilege for the CTL Romania children to be able to bring gifts to the children there.

  • In Ukraine, 20 children from Future for Children, including eight refugee children, participated in outreach activities including care for the homeless, giving gifts, baking treats and more.

  • Some of the children from Grace Boarding House in Thailand gave gifts to one another and to children in the community.

  • In Uganda, some of the children from MCCM were blessed to bring food to a woman who often goes days without eating.

Thank you for helping make Gift of Giving happen year after year!

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