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About Child Sponsorship at Children to Love

  • What makes Children to Love’s child sponsorship program unique?

    • Our mission is to provide hope for suffering children in the name of Jesus, and we believe that hope is best communicated in the context of authentic relationships. As stated in our core value of Long-term Engagement: “We believe that authentic relationships require stable, long-term commitment.” Our ministry staff invests deeply in the lives of the children they serve and walks with them through all of life’s tragedies and triumphs. 

  • Why is child sponsorship so important?

    • A CTL child sponsorship goes beyond a transactional relationship: the child is aware that there is someone across the globe who cares for them. Many of these children have experienced abuse and neglect in their past and we are communicating to them, “There are people who care about you.” We do our best both to model and to invite them into the experience of healthy relationships."

    • The program also helps us to check on the well-being of each child in our programs, by taking regular reports that are shared with sponsors.

The Child Sponsorship Relationship

  • What can I expect to receive from CTL and my sponsored child as a part of my sponsorship?

    • You can expect to receive a photo and update at least once each year, however we encourage our partners to provide updates as events happen in each child’s life (see section about our sponsorship app.) Some children are able to send artwork, or letters, or even videos. Children to Love partners comply with child protection rules in their own countries, so what you receive may depend on the age, situation or country of the child.


  • Does my money go directly to help the child I sponsor?

    • Your sponsorship will help cover the cost of your sponsored child’s basic needs with some funds supporting their communities or families as well. If appropriate for their situation, they will know that they are receiving support and are connected to a specific person or family. If not appropriate, they will know there is a person or family praying for them and helping them. See the section regarding children who are not sponsored for more information. 

  • Are other people sponsoring the same child?

    • Typically there is only one sponsor for each child; however, $40 per month does not always cover all the needs of a child. Some children have special, more extensive needs that require much more than $40 per month, so we will occasionally assign more than one sponsor to a child. Typically sponsors of such children know that they are co-sponsoring the child because of that child’s specific needs and circumstances. You may also be given the opportunity to support the child at a higher level of sponsorship, often to cover the cost of things such as scholarships for higher education or ongoing medical needs for chronic health issues. A few of our ministry partners have a $100 monthly threshold for support, depending on the child’s situation.

  • What about the children who are not sponsored? 

    • Children who are not sponsored receive support from our general funds until a sponsor can be found. Sponsorship is important because it provides regular support that each child needs, but children who do not have a sponsor will continue to receive care.


  • Can I communicate with my sponsored child? Will I hear from the child?

    • We have developed an app for Apple and Android devices that allows you to send messages, photos and even short videos to your sponsored child. These messages are reviewed by our US staff and by staff in each partner country. Not all children are able to respond, but we will pass on your messages and send a response or photo back to your app when possible. We attempt to acquire a handwritten letter or drawing from your sponsored child to send to you at least once per year and to pass along any handwritten letters or cards from sponsors to the children.

    • Please note: Children to Love takes the protection and privacy of minor children seriously. For this reason, we expect that your communications will come solely through Children to Love. We discourage sponsors from communicating directly with any child in Children to Love’s programs through social networks, email, etc. Communication should always come through Children to Love as it is our priority to protect the children as well as the sponsors involved. 

  • Can I send gifts to my sponsored child?

    • It is more practical and cost-effective to send money for items to be purchased in-country. We are happy to ask our partners what a specific child wants or needs, and we trust the discretion of the partner and their staff to determine whether the gift is appropriate. Please note that occasionally a gift will be held until the child’s birthday or a celebration of an achievement, as this is a way to show consideration toward other children who may not be receiving a gift.

    • Disclaimer: Please do not ever send a gift directly to your sponsored child. On occasion, we are able to send or transport gifts to our partner countries. Please contact us directly if you are interested in this option. Again, for the safety of the minor children in our care, all gifts that you would like to send to your sponsored child must come through the CTL office in the United States.


  • How long is the commitment to sponsor a child?

    • There is no predetermined time-frame for your sponsorship. However, we work with children who have typically experienced neglect or abandonment and therefore we encourage you to think of this as a long-term relationship and aspire to be an important figure in the child’s life. You are not required to communicate with the child, but if you choose to do so, please be considerate of the impact you will have and the role you are playing in their life. We hope your sponsorship will be the beginning of a long-term relationship; however, we understand that sometimes personal circumstances change. 

  • What happens if I can’t continue my sponsorship?

    • Please email or call our office at 661-588-9000 to cancel or pause your sponsorship. We understand that life happens and sometimes people cannot continue their giving. Once you cancel, we will send you an acknowledgement of your support and a final update on how your child is doing. We will then work on finding another sponsor for your child.

  • How are children selected to participate in your child sponsorship program?

    • Most of the children involved in our ministry programs are eligible for sponsorship and there is always a need for more sponsors. Although all of our partner ministries are Christian ministries, all children receive benefits regardless of their religious, political, social, cultural or economic backgrounds. 

  • How are sponsors matched with a child?

    • The connections are established based on needs and we regularly consult with our ministry partners to determine children who are available for sponsorship in each country. If you have a preference based on the child’s age, gender or geography, you are welcome to let us know and we will do our best to match you with a child who fits within those preferences. 


  • How is Christian teaching reflected in CTL’s programs?

    • Each of our partner ministries is unapologetically Christian and teaches about the love and redemption available through Jesus Christ. Luke 2:52 is the model as we seek to help the children grow “in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” Depending on the context, our partners provide activities such as corporate worship, biblical teaching, small group Bible studies, discipleship and more. Although all of our partner ministries are Christian ministries, all children receive support regardless of their religious, political, social, cultural or economic backgrounds. Our Statement of Faith can be found here.

  • What happens when the child I sponsor graduates or leaves the program?

    • After your sponsored child graduates or leaves the program, we will work to connect you with another child. Please know that many children who graduate or leave receive job counseling and some even continue to participate in the ministry by working or volunteering as a staff member. Often the relationships they build with their sponsor and with staff continue into their adulthood. 

  • Can I continue to communicate with the child I sponsored once they leave the program or graduate? 

    • Occasionally sponsors have the opportunity to continue communication with their sponsored child after they become an adult,  leave the program or graduate, but this connection is made on a case-by-case basis. If the child reaches out to Children to Love in an effort to communicate with their sponsor after they’ve left the program, we will typically do our best to communicate that to a former sponsor. Once the direct connection is made, Children to Love will no longer be involved and it is at the discretion of the sponsor and the formerly sponsored adult to engage in communication. If you have any other questions about this, you are welcome to contact our office at any time. 

Impact of Child Sponsorship at Children to Love

  • Does my monthly sponsorship cover the entire cost of supporting the child I sponsor? 

    • Not always. Different children have different needs and each child lives in unique circumstances. For example, if a student qualifies for higher education or if they have special needs that require extra care or medical treatment, they may have much higher monthly expenses. $40 per month is a suggested amount for basic needs, but in reality, every child is unique. You may be given the opportunity to support the child at a higher level of sponsorship, often to cover costs of things such as scholarships for higher education or medical treatment for chronic health conditions.

  • Does the child I sponsor know who I am?

    • If it is permitted in the country and ministry, the child knows that they are being sponsored, but if you’d like them to know more information about you and your family, we encourage you to reach out via the CTL Family Connection App. If you communicate via the app, and their caregivers are able to approve, the child will know what you tell them about yourself. CTL will never share your personal information unless you ask us to do so. We are very sensitive about the privacy of both the sponsors and the children involved in the ministries of Children to Love. To view our privacy policy, click here.

  • What kind of communication can I expect from CTL when I sponsor a child?

    • Generally you can expect some kind of communication from the child (or from a caretaker if they need assistance) once each year. The CTL Family Connection app for Apple and Android devices will allow for more consistent reporting and communication. If a child cannot personally communicate due to age or special needs, a staff member will communicate on their behalf. You will also receive ongoing print and email communications from Children to Love so that you can stay up-to-date on all that God is doing in our ministries around the world.

  • Is CTL teaching the children independence so they won’t need assistance their whole lives?

    • Yes, educational, emotional and spiritual counsel are provided to help the children become productive, independent members of their own societies. We recognize a significant difference between healthy relationships and codependency and seek to foster these relationships through long-term engagement. This is one of the reasons we do not encourage direct giving or independent communication from sponsors without the involvement of in-country leadership, as they can best determine what is healthy for the child’s long-term development. 

  • How is the child sponsorship program monitored? How do you measure the effectiveness of child sponsorship?

    • Our Child Sponsorship Coordinator regularly communicates with our partners, receives and evaluates reports and tracks messages between sponsors and children. In-person visits from U.S. staff and teams also serve as a way to observe the programs in real time. Many of the children grow and mature into respectable young adults, and their spiritual growth, physical growth and educational achievements are testaments to the effectiveness of child sponsorship.

The CTL Sponsorship App for iOS and Android Phones

  • Do I have to use the app to get information about my sponsored child?

    • No. We are happy to take your questions and requests for information directly from email or a phone call. The App gives you access to all the information in one place and includes a system to send communications to your sponsored child, approved by both CTL staff and our ministry partners caring for the children. 

  • How do I get the app and how do I use it? 

    • The Children to Love Family Connection app, currently being tested for iPhone and Android devices, allows you to track your sponsorship and keeps a timeline of photos, stories, videos and related events at the ministry caring for your sponsored child or children.

To learn more about the app and download a copy for your phone, visit this page: 


Note there are buttons with link that say “Download on the App Store” or “Get it on Google Play.” There is also a PDF link to written instructions and a short video.


If you allow notifications when you install the app, it will inform you when there is a new story regarding your child or the ministry you support. We hope that this will make it easier for you to stay connected with the latest information affecting your sponsored child. 

Please let us know if you have questions or need assistance. Support for the app can be found within the app itself or by email here:


Each ministry communicates differently depending on resources, culture and the situation of the child. Your app account may display photos, videos, drawings or even personal letters or messages.


The app has a communication feature to allow you to send and receive a message from the child or the child’s caregiver, ministry leader or social worker. We can’t guarantee that every child is able to respond, but you will get a return message showing that your message was delivered.

If you have any questions that were not answered in this FAQ or would like more information, you are welcome to contact us any time by emailing or by calling our office at (661) 588-9000.

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