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One at a Time


My wife and I went on our first mission trip this summer and we had no idea what to expect. BUT God had a purpose for us and wow was it an amazing adventure that has changed our lives forever. You see, we thought this would be about serving the children and supporting CTL, we had no idea that God's design was also to change our hearts forever. It started with our first of many pre-mission CTL meetings, the workbook on preparing our team for a mission trip was unbelievable and the staff from the CTL team were even more amazing. The process of preparing our hearts involved studying the Bible together and the rest of our experience was heavenly.

The children that we were blessed to serve were no different than our three grandchildren here in the U.S. They had next to nothing materially, but that wasn't their greatest need. They looked to you with those beautiful children eyes and just needed some love, comfort and hope that everything would be ok today and tomorrow. That's how they live their lives; not looking far down the road rather just hours ahead, looking for some joy and hope that a caring, loving person can give them. The CTL staff gives them hope and teaches them about a relationship with Jesus Christ that will bring them that true peace that only He can give. Jesus taught us all about the importance of taking care of our children and leading them down the right path in life while He was on earth. My wife and I now look at a child through the eyes that Jesus taught us to, we will never take for granted any child that is looking for hope, LOVE or support!

While Jesus taught on earth, He didn't cure all people on His journey, just the ones that were in His path. My wife and I understand better now that we can't help everyone in this world, but we can help those that God has put in our path. In the parable of the hundred sheep, the heavens rejoiced when the shepherd left the ninety-nine and found the one that was lost. WE understand better now after this mission trip that God doesn't need for us to save the world, He sent His Son down for that. Just help the ones that He has put in your path and pray for the rest. One at a time is our new goal in life and we have that blessing because of CTL.

Scott (left) and his wife Cheryl (second from the right) with John, Olga and some of the kids from Future for Children in Ukraine

CTL taught us to be prepared each day for whatever God will bring into our lives by starting and finishing the day in scripture. This had a significant impact on our team and is an amazing testimonial to how to live each day of our lives while we are blessed enough to be on earth!

We realized that this mission trip wasn't just about helping others or fixing the world, it was about fixing the hearts of those who went there to serve. Personally, God used this trip to change my heart and to get me on the right path in life to serve Him humbly, now and forever. He opened my eyes to His teachings (that He graciously had recorded in the Bible) while on this mission trip. He went to that cross for one reason: to share His LOVE for all of mankind and to help me understand and have confidence that I can make a difference for Him on this earth, one soul and one day at a time!

CTL is a serving, caring, loving organization committed to serving the needy children of the world and they will continually need more funding to pay for this amazing outreach to children. My wife and I have prayed about it, God has motivated us to commit to a lifetime of supporting children throughout the world and CTL is the organization we have chosen to support!

- Scott R

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