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Lily Joy Rugumba: abandoned to adored

Late one evening in Uganda a Christian man met a woman who seemed to be stranded with her baby girl. She had no money and nowhere to go, so she asked him if she and the baby could stay in one of his rooms for the evening before they continued on with their journey the next day. The man showed her to the living room where he made up a bed for her and the baby, but as soon as she came into the house she laid the baby down, went outside and never returned. The man contacted the police and his church right away, and the baby was brought to our partner, Mercy Childcare Ministry (MCCM) for care and protection.

Director of MCCM Wilfred Rugumba and his wife Vena have three biological children and adopted a sweet baby girl named Rille a few years ago (the family is pictured below). Vena always knew she wanted more children, and after returning home to Uganda from the U.S. last year, she knew her heart’s desire was to adopt another child into their family. Wilfred was unsure about this decision, but he kept an open heart.

Wilfred quickly and unexpectedly developed a special bond with the new baby who had just been rescued and brought to MCCM, and once he shared this with Vena, she was eager for their children to spend time with the baby and for their family to consider adoption.

We’d like to introduce you to the Rugumbas' newest family member: Lily Joy. She is pictured above with her new brother Graham and below with her new older sister Zoe. What a divine appointment for the Rugumba family! We are praising God for His hand over the lives of orphaned, abandoned and neglected children around the world.

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