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From Bucharest to Bakersfield

CTL's mission is simple - to provide hope for suffering children in the name of Jesus. Children around the world are enduring more suffering than many of us can begin to imagine. Gabi's story is a testimony of the mission of CTL lived out. Gabi practically grew up at CTL Romania - she and her family have been involved in the ministry for over 10 years. Because of CTL's involvement in her life, her own hard work and dedication and God's grace, she became an excellent student with incredible potential for a bright future. She persevered in her schoolwork, participated in Bible studies, helped her family and poured into the lives of many of the younger children at CTL Romania. She recently finished high school in Bucharest at the top of her class, and now she is in the States for college, pursuing the dream God had placed in her heart many years ago! Gabi worked hard to get here and we're looking forward to all that God has in store for her here in Bakersfield, California and beyond. She's pursuing a degree in Communications starting at Bakersfield College and plans to transfer to a university after 2 years.

"Although Gabi has had an extremely traumatic childhood and was abandoned by her father, the light in her eyes and the constant smile on her face would never reveal the pain from her past. I fell in love with Gabi the first time I met her. Gabi’s English is remarkable! When I first met her, she only wanted to speak in English so that she could practice and improve, so I helped her with English, and she helped me with Romanian. Gabi wants to become a journalist when she grows up, and would like to attend college in the United States. This young girl is something special, and despite her devastating past, the love of Jesus shines through her, and she has a calm demeanor, a beautiful laugh, a heart full of love for others, and a very bright future ahead of her." - Shelley Romanoff, CTL Team Leader to Romania, 2018

Gabi has recently been given the opportunity to serve the Rugumba family while in Bakersfield. Wilfred Rugumba is the Director of Mercy Childcare Ministry, CTL's partner in Uganda. He, his wife Vena and their four children are here as Vena finishes her breast cancer treatment in Bakersfield. Gabi is helping the children with schoolwork every Friday morning and also shares a devotional with them each week. She recently taught them how to say "Jesus loves you!" in Romanian. It's wonderful to see these connections unfold as cross-cultural relationships are built and Jesus is glorified.

Gabi with the two Rugumba girls, Zoe and "baby" Rille

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