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About the App

About the Children to Love Family Connection

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Need Account?

Need an Account?

The CTL Family App is for donors and child sponsors through Children to Love International and requires an account. 

If you are a child sponsor or a donor you can request an account:

Just email us at with your contact information. Include your name, email address and phone number.

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Sponsoring a child with Children to Love gives you a chance to connect and know how your support helps an individual child. Learn to know them and receive reports and messages from them. See their progress over the years in photos and videos if available  Read prayer requests. 

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While there is an opportunity for a special connection between sponsor and child, funds are combined in the ministry so all the children receive support. A sponsor can, however, send cards or gifts approved by the ministry.

How to Use the App


What you can do with the CTL Family App

  • Read a timeline of stories and information about your sponsored child which will not appear on the open internet, protecting the privacy of the child.

  • View information about the ministry you are supporting, even if you don't have a sponsored child.

  • View a video greeting from your child if one is available.

  • Check the date and amount of your last donation.

  • Send a message to the ministry site to ask about your child or about the ministry, staff, etc. Note that messaging is monitored.

  • Send a greeting or word of encouragement to be read or shown to your sponsored child. Receive a return message if available.

  • Check for updates on the ministry or your sponsored child.

  • Receive short messages or devotionals from our director, John Penrose, or from ministry leaders in the countries you support.

  • View related photos for each country program you support.


Getting Information about your child


Information about your sponsored child, stories, photos and in some cases videos will appear in the app timeline, at the bottom of the Home page. Scroll from left to right and select a timeline item to view it. Select a photo or video from a timeline post to enlarge it.

You can send a message through the messaging page to ask a question about your sponsored child or to have a message delivered to them. Any response from our ministry partners will appear in your timeline. 


How to Send a Message

1. From the Menu, select Send Message:


2. Select your sponsored child's name or the ministry name you support:


3. Touch the paper clip icon to attach a photo. Touch the paper airplane icon to send the message.If you asked a question all responses will appear in your timeline.

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Changing your profile

From the Menu select Profile and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Here you can select Edit Profile or Reset Password. You can update your contact information, but note that to change your photo you will need to email the new photo to .  This is a security protocol to keep our children protected and helps us keep our records and permissions up to date. For more information on how we keep children safe, contact us at

Using the App Without a Sponsorship

If you are a regular donor but do not sponsor a specific child, you can still use the CTL Family Connection, but for privacy considerations you will not see all of the information about individual children. You will however be able to see general ministry messages and send a message to the parent ministry you give to.

For more information please contact us at

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