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November 18 Update
"The snow does not ask Putin, 'Can I go?'"
Russia's latest attack on Ukraine

October 10 Update
"They want panic and chaos."
Russia's latest attack on Ukraine

September 13 Update
Hear directly from the FFC staff
in this latest update

July 29 Update
Summer Camp in Ukraine

June 21 Update
Ongoing ministry with refugees

June 3 Update
100 Days of War in Ukraine

May 14 Update
Mariupol midwife: 'They are not liberating
us. It's murder, plain and simple.'

May 3 Update
Meet the Sivtsova family.

May 2 Update
Give Big Kern - Julia in Ukraine

April 18 Update
"This morning we were very close to the
horrors of war. I saw missiles fly over my
house and fall 3 km [away]."

April 8 Update
Our weekly Zoom call with Ukraine

March 30 Update
A written update by Future for Children

March 16 Update
Russian forces fired at the western part of
Ukraine for the first time since the invasion
began on February 24.

March 4 Update
Video update from Irina

February 25 Update
"Today is the second day of the war. Early
this morning I took a photo of the bomb
shelter (pictured below) in the house
where I live."

February 23 Update
The troubling news from Ukraine

February 23 Blog Post
A call to prayer

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