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For Kingdom Purposes


As I sit in my office and look at my bulletin board of pictures, I am reminded of all the Children to Love teams that I have been blessed to be a part of. There are so many amazing memories!!! It is difficult to narrow it down.

I remember one year, during a night of worship in the ministry center in Romania, we were able to witness the baptisms of a few of the boys that we were ministering to and discipling. It was one of the sweetest, yet emotional, times that we had.

Another favorite memory is from just three years ago when Bogdan set up a reunion with some of the original group of boys that our teams had worked with back in 2007. My very first trip. These boys are now ‘men’. It was a sweet moment to catch up and visit and to see how God is using them and working in their lives.

Our family gives to Children to Love because we have seen the power of the ministry at work with our own eyes. I know that my financial resources are being used for ‘kingdom purposes’. I have seen how each country director has spoken and continues to speak ‘Jesus’ into the lives of the kids that they care for. I know that the gospel message is being shared with all of the kids in each of the countries that CTL is in. I have been able to share it myself multiple times in Romania. I have seen the impact that consistency can have in a young person’s life. CTL provides that consistency for the kids that they minister to and care for. That is why we give!

- Carl D

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