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Abandoned But Not Forgotten

Costel practically grew up with Children to Love Romania, spending the past 17 years in the ministry, first as an abandoned child and now as an incredible man who is in love with Jesus and whose life is dedicated to serving God and others. CTL Romania met Costel and his three siblings at an orphanage in Bucharest. The children were abandoned by their father, a situation that robs many kids of hope and makes them believe that everything is lost and they will never be wanted. Children in these orphanages are not taught to believe that they can grow up to be independent, successful humans, and Costel’s self-esteem was so low that he struggled to believe in himself. Costel met Jesus through CTL Romania staff and the staff members were instrumental in helping him discover and understand the future and hope that he has in Jesus.

Over the years Costel has allowed the Lord to help him overcome fears and limitations and has firmly believed that God wants to do wonderful things with his life. He has experienced many struggles throughout his life and has been continually reminded by the CTL staff that God is for him and that his “success” will come from obedience to Him. As a young adult Costel decided that he would no longer be a victim and went from being hopeless to becoming an inspirational person, setting an example for children and showing them that there is hope in God, even in our fallen, ugly world. The CTL Romania staff walked with Costel faithfully and showed him who God is as his loving Father.

After his many years as a beneficiary of the ministry, Costel became an intern and then a staff member at CTL Romania while simultaneously attending university. In 2019 he graduated from the University of Bucharest – The School of Baptist Theology and recently got married after meeting his wife Elvira at church. The couple is now living in Bucharest and Costel is seeking a job in Social Work.

Costel’s story reminds us that God is a long-suffering God and He is intentional with who He brings into our lives. His love is relentless and He is continually changing lives and giving HOPE to suffering children. Bogdan, Director of CTL Romania, says “Thank you, dear friends, for giving us the chance to be able to help Costel and others like him. To help them have a changed life, to see the Light and to be able to have an extraordinary future in Him.

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